In 2004, FWCO music director Kurt Sprenger conceived an annual songwriting contest expressly for elementary schoolchildren. The students – working either individually or in groups and with help from their school music teacher – compose words and music to a seasonal carol of their own creation. The entrants are judged by the quality of the melody and the lyrics, and the selected songs are professionally arranged for voice and orchestra. The annual unveiling of these “brand new” holiday carols has become a FWCO tradition and one of the highlights of our Teddy Bear Concert.

Our 2020 Holiday Carol Writing Competition winners were 5th Graders Kmari Thompson, Alayah Freeman and Victoria Kunschik of June Davis Elementary School for their song “Christmas Spirit.” Sadly, we were forced to cancel last year’s Teddy Bear Concert owing to the coronavirus general shutdown and couldn’t perform their winning carol. But we want to make it up to our student songwriters and play their winning song at this year’s holiday concert.


“Autumn is Here! Christmas is Here” by Héctor Eliel Franco, Héctor David Franco & Mía Sophia Correa
Sycamore Elementary School, Jennifer Everwine (teacher) & Rebekah Hunt (principal)
Crowley Independent School District


“Christmas Spirit” by Kmari Thompson, Alayah Freeman & Victoria Kunschik
June Davis Elementary School, Beverly Heather & Kimberly Roberts (teachers), Kevin Hunt (principal)
Crowley Independent School District

Full contest rules and other information are detailed in the competition announcement.

Listen to past winners here:

“Magical Winter Forest” (Winter 2012)


“Marshmallow World” (Winter 2012)

Irene Park, winner of the 2018 FWCO Carol Contest (with Emcee Jim Wilson)