Carol Contest

Teddy Bear 2012



It’s not too early to start writing those holiday carols to enter in the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra’s annual Carol Writing Competition.

Open to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, our contest gives young aspiring songwriters an opportunity to compose a seasonal carol, have it professionally scored for voice and orchestra and hear it performed in concert as our guest at Fort Worth Civic Orchestra’s annual Teddy Bear concert, to be held in Truett Auditorium on the campus of the Southwestern Theological Seminary on Saturday, December 16, 2017.

The carol should be seasonal in nature, having a theme based on Fall/Winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Kwanzaa or general holiday, but it should be pertinent to the Holidays associated with Winter break. It can be composed by an individual student, a group or a class of students. Teacher help is acceptable in the refinement and charting of the song, but the melodies and lyrics are to be originated by the students. Judging will be based on the melody and the lyrics.

Entries will need to be received no later than Saturday, October 14, 2017. Minimum requirements for submission are a charted melody line with words written under the music in song form indicating the fit of the lyrics with the melody. The entry package should also include a submission form for each carol submitted and identifying information on each sheet of paper included.

Applications may be downloaded here: Annual Carol Competition 2017

In the past we have been amazed at the quality of the submissions, and we look forward to seeing this year’s entries. All requirements, dates, and contact information are contained in the attached package including examples of actual past submittals.


Listen to past winners here:

“Magical Winter Forest” (Winter 2012)

“Marshmallow World” (Winter 2012)