Board of Directors

Meet the people who are working behind the scenes of the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra for the 2019-20 Season

Board of Directors

Peter Kroll, President
Jorge Orozco, President-Elect
Anne Ellison, Treasurer
Rebecca Childs, Librarian
Beverly Howard, Media Relations
Dan Stevens, Business Manager
Laura Clark
Byrwec Ellison
Ginger Gleason
Tom Thompson

Ex Officio

Kurt Sprenger, Music Director
Anthony Gardner, Personnel Manager
Steve Moore, Orchestra Committee Chair
Russell Powell, Secretary
Trey Seastrunk, Front of House

At the end of every concert season, we hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for all members of the organization and it is at this meeting in which new Board members and positions are voted in. We’re always looking for new Board Members outside of the orchestra! If you’re interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact any current Board Member through our Contact page.